Sep 30, 2009

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Sep 21, 2009

Sermon Info.

If you would like to read or listen to good sermons from Robert Arbogast at Olentangy Christian Reformed Church in Columbus Ohio, go to: Robert Arbogast is a wonderful shepherd.

A Personal and Peripheral Faith Only? No Way!

This was from a sermon by Robert Arbogast at Olentangy Christian Reformed Church in Columbus Ohio. The sermon was delivered September 13th and entitled: Satan's Stand-in:

"In so many ways, we have reduced the Christian faith to the merely peripheral and personal. Not that the peripheral and personal don't matter. They do matter. But they are not the point, the main point. You don't think, do you that Jesus died so that you would be nice to your neighbor? Or so that you wouldn't look at internet porn? Sure, those things matter. But they're not the main point. Here's a clue about that. Will being nice to your neighbor put you on a cross? Will abstaining from internet porn put you on a cross? Of course not! But get caught hiding your neighbor from Nazi occupation forces, and you will feel a cross on your shoulder. Stand with Martin Luther King Jr. to announce a biblical vision of justice and to demand it for all, and you may wind up on a cross. Or a cross may wind up on your front lawn, in flames. I wonder how Jesus wants us to deny ourselves today. And I wonder what crosses we may have to carry. Can we avoid those questions? Aren't they essential questions for people who follow Jesus, or claim to follow Jesus? Aren't they central questions? Self-denial and a cross certainly were central and essential for Jesus."

Sep 16, 2009

A Servant of All

Last year, I asked the Lord to make me a servant. I just ran across these words from Edward F. Markquart's sermon entitled: Having the Heart and Hands of a Servant. You can access it online at:

"A servant always has a loving heart and working hands. Both the heart and the hands. Not just the heart of a servant who sees the needs of others. Not just a heart who feels the pain of those who lost their homes to the hurricanes. Not just a heart who empathizes with those who have lost their jobs, income and insurance. Servants always have good, loving and generous hearts, but they also have hands to do the dirty work. Hands that clean up the tables. Hands that do the dishes. Hands that actually help people in their needs."

God has begun answering my prayer by making me more of a servant and showing me how I would rather be the Master and call the shots rather than take orders I don't like. God always mortally wounds my pride--pride I don't know I possess until I am awakened to its presence by its shrieks of death that result from it receiving God's death blows. If you were to peek behind the veil of my soul, you'd see pride splattered all about and the Lord cleaning up the bloody mess. The Lord, who is truly the servant of all, is cleaning up my mess. He is cleaning me. Here I see the Lord again, being the servant of all, serving me, a most undeserving child.

Sep 12, 2009

When Discouragement Sets In...

It is imperative that we recall God's goodness to us throughout our lives. Otherwise we'll focus on the negatives, on the negatives in the life, on the negatives in our current situation. When we are discouraged, our eyes are quickly drawn to the darkness. Amazingly, it is the human way (sin) to be discouraged or discontent even when in paradise. If we find ourselves in that situation, it means something is off spiritually. But we can give ourselves to God, prayerfully read Scripture and prayerfully recall all the ways in which he has blessed us, never abandoned us, and it will give us perspective. If we are in a slump, such recollection will reorient us. Also, we should let friends or godly people know what is afflicting us. That way they can speak truth to us, pray for us, and help to give us the right perspective. Do not dwell in discouragement alone. May you be encouraged by God dear brothers and sisters.

Sep 8, 2009

On intolerance

"It's difficult to argue with a straight face that Christians are unfairly accused of intolerance when I so often see the very attitudes of diseased intolerance . . . . Suspicion, mean-spiritedness, aggressive ignorance, close-mindedness, primitive anger, and refusal to dialogue."

Daniel Taylor as quoted in the CRC Banner pg. 20

Sep 5, 2009

Words From A Friend...

Marlena, I wish I could find more Christians in the Church.