Jul 6, 2010

Good Quotes From Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

I met Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove at a Duke conference recently. He is as humble in person as on stage. I recommend his book: The Discipline of Stability. It is excellent. I posted an excerpt from it a few weeks ago. I am about to read his other one, God's Economy. Here are some quotes (that I got from Cindy who just heard him speak recently) that will help you follow Christ through this wilderness of a world and  the sometimes wilderness of an American Church:

"If your church disappeared tomorrow...would the neighborhood notice...would they care?"

"Everyone is looking for places that are OK to not be OK."
"We cannot end extreme poverty unless we end extreme wealth."

"Love your ecological neighbor...the one living downstream...as yourself"

The Lord Be With You This Day!

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Jessica Robb said...

Love this! I just picked up The Wisdom of Stability last night. I can't wait to dive in.