Jan 24, 2011

Life-filled Death

Age creeps over my face
Its happening
beauty is fleeting                                                                    
the universe expanding
my life hurdling away
from childhood memories
incarnate friends and relatives
mere phantoms
of memory
who cease to exist
on earth

How long shall I live

Still I find
I grow young
in my Father's kingdom
scintillating life
bedazzles me
leaks out of me
Re enters me

Life creeps over me
Its happening
I'm being reborn
Soul an adolescent shoot
abundant eternal life
streaming in
perpetually streaming in
His life
within my veins
makes me a child again
And I live
I live!

1 comment:

~Laura said...

This is a unique way of looking at the aging process, which actually begins at birth. Why are we surprised that the new birth would work in reverse, making us young and new in spirit as His life courses through us? Because of much sickness and death among friends,thoughts of death have been flooding me. Thanks for this fresh look at an experience none of us can avoid.